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High Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder


Cirrus in the upper troposphere

Cirrus is involved in the physical processes which modulate the transport of water vapor into the stratosphere. This geospatial data can be used on a monthly basis to study how cirrus varies in the upper troposphere.

Equatorial wave structure
Equatorial waves are waves that are trapped in the tropics and which can propagate only longitudinally and vertically. They are believed to play an important role in many climatological phenomena.

Gravity wave momentum fluxes in polar regions

HIRDLS observations are used to quantify gravity wave momentum fluxes in the middle atmosphere. During the period around the 2006 Arctic sudden stratospheric warming (SSW), a substantial elevation of the stratopause occurred, first disappearing then re-appearing at a higher altitude.

Gravity wave momentum fluxes in monsoon regions

Measurements from HIRDLS are used to quantify gravity wave momentum fluxes generated from monsoon regions across the globe over the three years 2005-2007.

Stratosphere-Troposphere Intrusions

Deep intrusions of tropospheric air into the lower stratosphere above the subtropical jet, characterized by low ozone concentration and low static stability, are consistently observed with Aura/HIRDLS.